Szczawnica with Agnieszka and Michał Wojnicz

ieniny are a great source of inspiration for us, as far as photography is considered. We love hiking there, looking for another magic places with ideal light and at the same time make up new frames photos that can be created there. It is also the place which lets us breathe after work; there we are able to „charge our batteries|”.

Please tell us about your Szczawnica – do you like it, and if yes then why… and, combining it with the next question – do you feel sometimes like leaving it and going somewhere far, far away?

No, we are not going to move anywhere from here. This is exactly the place that we escaped to and we hope to stay here. It is our place on earth. Despite the fact that we come from this region, we spent quite a lot of time in Cracov, later abroad and we came back, consciously, to our home area. We like Szczawnica for the fact that it is so varied, it changes depending on the season.  In summer we have crowds of tourists here and it is really difficult to squeeze through them on the walking paths while in November it is so empty – not a bloody soul on the streets. We love the climate of our town, with lots of parks, places of special atmosphere, where you can always rest… Moreover, it is beautifully located, mountains all around, a great choice of hiking routes for everyone interested.

Where do you look for inspiration? What attracts you the most – people, places, landscapes?

We have lots of sources of inspiration… sometimes it is even difficult to believe… we lock all of these inspirations in our works. First of all, the light. If we find during the walk some perfect light we know that next time we are going to go there with our model. Secondly, the seasons of the year. For us that’s the most important, and at the same time, „the cheapest” inspiration.  After a few years of staying abroad, we appreciate our seasons. We appreciate the fact that each of them is different, expressive, and colourful. Thanks to them we gain such a wide variety of frames. Thanks to them photographing is so fascinating for us and we still have some fresh new ideas. Each of the seasons is our inspiration and it is great that when we start feeling bored with one of them, just round the corner there is another one just waiting to come which makes us start thinking about new ideas, new additions…

Seasons of the year inspire us not only with their colours. The main source of inspiration are the ‘gifts’ brought by every season. Winter is the time of waiting for Christmas. It is the time dominated by the shades of red, warm sweaters, blankets. cones, cups full of hot chocolate – and the Christmas season itself, emphasised with tiny lights, ginger bread and all of that accompanied with the whiteness of snow… Freezing January winter and then this milder, February mixed with first pastel flowers… Spring means nature waking up to life, we are inspired by flowers (lilies, lilacs, peonies), crayon colours, flowering orchards. Our sessions are dominated by wreaths, there are often organized against the background of greenery, the models wear delicate, etheric outfits… In summer we love choosing fruit for sessions – sometimes strawberries, another time raspberries, cherries. Additionally, straw hats and lots of sun. And finally – autumn – full of heathers, pumpkins, colourful hats, plums, falling leaves – it is probably the most colourful season of the year in photography. Of course, we are also inspired by Pieniny, not only mountain views but also places that have their own soul. Old cottages, forest corners – here, we have real abundance of that. Not mentioning all the old items which always bring some history with them. And it’s an old can of milk full of raspberries, clay pots, and cups of flowers … for each of these items you can add a story, create the right styling for the session, select clothes and other accessories, and find the right place as the background…

source: Travel Love Poland Magazine
PHOTOS: Agnieszka and Michał Wojnicz

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